About Us

As facial hair becomes more mainstream, many people have tried but failed to grow the beards they have always desired or dreamed of having.

It required much patience to not scratch the dry and flaky skin that is underneath that growing beard. No matter how hard we tried, it was very irritating and itchy!

Besides, it grew in all the wrong ways, sometimes in patches and most of the time very rough. It looked messy and uneven, especially unprofessional!

Yes, I went through that as well, and it wasn't fun at all. But I kept at it and wanted to have a great beard, one that made me proud. I wanted to have a nice beard that is not only well-tamed but also full and healthy.

I started investing time and money in getting all different kinds of oils and balms that supposedly would help with my journey. They each helped but in small and different ways. To have a nice beard I would need to use multiple beard products. I eventually started to make my own to use personally.

These products would include all the nutrients that my beard needed to grow strong and healthy while the same time made it shiny and smell nice. It would keep the skin underneath moisturized and help with the constant itch. As it turns out, it did wonders for my skin and beard.

Many people noticed and would often compliment me and asked me to make a bottle or balm for them as well. And thus BEARDSANITY was created.

We use the best ingredients for your beard! Because we know how important it is grow a strong and healthy beard. BEARDSANITY helps you on your journey to having the beard you have always been dreaming of.