If you are a lady reading this, you will surely agree when we say the butterflies in your tummy flutter just a little bit extra when you see a guy with a beard. If you’re a man reading this, surely you will agree with the fact that sporting a beard just gives your masculinity an added kick.

Now coming back to the ladies, many cultures emphasize that a man without a beard is hardly a man at all. Now although modern century refutes this fact, we personally think that a beard amps up the glam and appeal of guys several notches higher. Besides, your skin would love the extra tingles when things get steaming hot between you two.

But if your man has an aversion to growing out his beard, what can you do to convince him a beard will make him look even sexier? We are going to arm you with the best arguments in your favor. If you manage to convince him and he grows a beard just the way you like, you can thank us later.


Never believe the myth that only women harbor dreams of looking young forever. Men, too, get a kick from receiving compliments on their youthful appearance and flawless skin, even if they don’t admit it.

Beards protect the skin against cancerous blemishes, acne, and discoloration. Since the skin stays healthy for a long time from the protection of beards, men feel younger and look younger with that smooth and perfect skin for long. Besides, beards also keep allergens away from his system, so your man will be able to enjoy robust health with a sexy beard on him. There’s no way this argument won’t convince him!


If nature has endowed your man with a thick beard, tell him how it acts as an armor against harmful UV rays. We all agree how uncomfortable it can be to wear sunscreen all day, especially when it makes your skin sticky under the sun. Well, men have another option: their own beards.

You can tell your precious one how his thick beard can block harmful UV rays, nearly up to 95%. This means he won’t have to bear the discomfort of a sunscreen, his skin will remain safe against sunburn, and he will also be able to keep skin proof against skin cancer. Need you to say anymore?


We do sympathize with all those who suffer from acne, but men are not fortunate enough to be able to hide them under layers of makeup. Shaving can very likely cause acne because the process helps spread the bacteria across the skin.

Growing a beard will eliminate the need to shave and spread bacteria. Thus his skin will remain healthy and smooth underneath. Acne wouldn’t do a thing for the butterflies in your tummy, so a beard is the only high point for you.


This may not be a scientific reason, but it sure is a winning point in our book. Beards just have something about them that makes a man look sophisticated, classy, caveman-like (women just love that), wise mature, and everything manly. If someone ever took a survey on what physical feature of a man turns on a woman the most, we won’t be surprised if the results show high votes for beards.

Let your man know in explicit details exactly what strings his beard pulls inside you, and perhaps he would need no further encouragement.



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