Beard Balm Or Beard Oil

Beard Balm Or Beard Oil?

Ending the beard balm v. beard oil debate once and for all


One of the most common questions we get from customers is whether they should be using beard balm or oil. We understand your confusion. The beard industry is saturated with so many products it can be difficult to keep track of what they’re all supposed to do. This can be especially difficult if you want to grow your first beard but aren’t sure which products you need to get started.


We’re tired of it too. That’s why we created this post to end the confusion. Continue reading to learn the differences between balm and oil as well as the reason you should make both a part of your beard grooming routine.


What is Beard Balm?


Beard balm is a leave-in conditioner that is designed to moisturize, condition, soften, and help style your beard. The best balms will also make your beard look fuller, due to the product’s follicle-coating ingredients. Beard balm is especially helpful for men with medium to large-sized beards, as well as those who have dryer than average skin. A solid hydrating balm will reduce the itching and flakiness that’s often associated with early beard growth.


That being said, not all balms are created equal. Many on the market are lacking in the natural ingredients that are supposed to nourish your beard.


Our balm doesn’t have this issue. The Beardsanity Mountaineer Beard Balm is packed full of nourishing, hydrating ingredients like organic jojoba and argan oils. With its invigorating sandalwood and eucalyptus aroma, our balm will sculpt your stray hairs into a beard you can be proud of. You’ll never have to search “how to fix a patchy beard” again after using our balm.


When Should You Use Beard Balm?


The best time to use beard balm is just after you step out of the shower and apply your beard oil application. Make sure to wait until your beard is dry, though. If you don’t wait, the balm could get absorbed into your skin since your pores are open from the warm water and steam of the shower. Utilizing your beard balm in this way will ensure that it remains in your beard where it’s supposed to be.

What is Beard Oil?


Beard oil is an essential tool in the kit of the modern beardsman. It’s a daily moisturizer and leave-in conditioner, which is especially important to use during your beard’s early growth phase. The purpose of the product is to moisturize the skin underneath your beard, while also softening your facial hair, reducing itchiness, and creating the ideal conditions for beard growth.


If you want to accelerate the beard hair growth process, then purchasing a solid oil is a must. Consider checking out the Beardsanity Shop to find beard oils that can help you meet your beard-growth goals.


For example, you can check out our Mountaineer Beard Oil, which includes nourishing organic jojoba and argan oils. We believe that a healthy beard starts at its root. We created our oil to hydrate your skin, ensuring that your beard grows smoothly from the very beginning. With its pleasurable scent of sandalwood and frankincense, Beardsanity Beard Oil will keep you smelling good while also minimizing your skin’s irritation.


When Should You Use Beard Oil?


You can use beard oil whenever you want. However, we recommend doing so just after you’ve stepped out of the shower. The reasoning for this is that your pores will be open due to the shower’s steam and warmth. This will make it easier for your skin to absorb the nutritious elements of your board oil, allowing you to maximize every ounce of your purchase.


The Differences Between Beard Balm or Oil


At first glance, beard oil sounds pretty similar to beard balm. Both products were designed to keep your skin hydrated and your beard styled. However, there are some important differences between balms and oils that you should be aware of.


The major difference between these products is their main ingredients. Beard Balms generally have a base of beeswax, cocoa butter, or shea butter. This gives balms a natural creamy,waxy consistency that melts together when you rub it into your hands.


Beard oil, on the other hand, is made from a base of ingredients like jojoba oil and argan oil. These give the product a liquid consistency, making it easier to spread throughout your beard and absorb into your skin.


Because of the ingredients they’re made of, balms and oils accomplish different tasks for your beard. Your balm will provide solid beard conditioning while also holding it together. If you’ve ever wondered how to fix a patchy beard or how to grow more facial hair, then a balm could be the right product for you. It will keep your beard healthy, smooth, and styled just the way you like it.


Beard oil could be a better option for beardsman who like the natural lie of their facial hair. This product won’t offer you much hold, but it will hydrate your skin, condition your beard, and keep it smelling fresh.


Why You Should Use Both


An ancient philosopher once said, “Why not both?” They were onto something. Beard balm and oil can work together to give you the perfect beard you’ve always wanted. Each accomplishes their own tasks without interfering with the other. While using both beard balm and oil, you’ll find that your beard has more shine and conditioning, while also lasting longer before needing to be washed out.


Beards don’t turn into masterpieces on their own. That requires dedication, work, and the right products to support the vision you have for your facial hair. Many beardsman turn to beard grooming growth kits to bring their dream beard to life.


The right beard grooming growth kit will feature everything you need to accelerate the beard hair growth process in a healthy way. That’s exactly what you’ll get out of our all-in-one beard grooming kit.


Our kit comes with the following products:

  • 30ml beard oil
  • 30ml beard balm
  • A beard brush
  • A beard comb
  • A travel bag


Why waste your time purchasing all of these items individually? For one low price, Beardsanity will provide you with everything you need to take your beard to the next level. Don’t take our word for it. Visit our store to see the benefits of our beard grooming growth kit for yourself.

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